This is a natural paradise island. A journey where you can meet new emotions.

Iriomote Island Jungle Hotel Painumaya Map


Sea, mountain, river in Iriomote Island ...

What kind of living things I can meet and the journey of your discovery

the iriomote island jungle hotel "pineumaya" is a accommodation facility that all guests will experience the wonderful nature of iriomote island,

it is located in an inconveniently inconvenient jungle, and there are no private houses or shops around.
there are 100% great nature ... there.

the main characters of iriomote nature,
and we will help you with the experience that resonates in the heart in the healing space wrapped in a subtropical jungle.


Recommended plan





Includes one night's meal

Eat fruits of Iriomote ~ Iriomote with meal (half meals included)


Restaurant recommended by Samin in Pinumaya is Iriomote made with Okinawan ingredients. Please relish a bit different Okinawa taste.

Accommodation plan with air tickets


easy reservation with accommodation + air ticket (dynamic package) set.
it is possible to freely combine accommodation plans, rooms and air tickets!

Pinumaya Activity Park

canoeing, trekking, playing in the water ...
leave the activities of iriomote island to pinumaya adventure park!



Simple and relaxing room in jungle view

Please refresh your daily fatigue in a simple and warm space harmonized with nature while listening to babbling of the Hora River, birds and insect barks.



Fortune of blessings cultivated from nature

in the restaurant "sammin", "local production" is provided as much as possible using island cuisine using local ingredients. please enjoy the grace of fruit cultivated from iriomote island nature.
we are looking forward to seeing you at the floor, which is surrounded by the great nature of iriomote, which is called oriental amazon.



Experience the whole body with the magnificence of nature that can be experienced only here

we have a lot of nature experience programs that can taste plenty of subtropical iriomote island.
i will show you the exclusive guides who love the nature of iriomote island and boast of the jungle hotel · pinumaya with abundant knowledge and vitality.
i will show you magnificent and variegated mangroves, jungles, waterfalls, rivers, and the vast ocean of iriomotejima happily.


Guide to the world of Iriomote island

Let's get in the night world of Iriomote Island! ! ☆ The possibility of encountering Iriomote tea cat is also changed depending on the weather on the day of the tour.


Enjoy the charms of the sea, mountains, river, waterfall and Iriomote Island!

Tour of our hotel! ! Canoeing and trekking aim for "Mayaku Falls". Beginners and experienced people can be satisfied satisfactorily ♪

Pinumaya Activity Park

canoeing, trekking, playing in the water ...
leave the activities of iriomote island to pinumaya adventure park!


Information from the hotel

  • Free wi-fi


  • Parking

    Parking lot available

  • SHOP

    There is a shop

  • w2-laundry-service


    There is a washing machine

  • w2-drink

    Ice maschine

    There is an ice making machine

  • w2-clothes-iron


    Ironing available


Traffic access

jungle hotel · pinumaya is located in the northeastern part of iriomote island, which is the southernmost of okinawa main island, the largest island of the yaeyama islands.
access to iriomotejima that shows a unique ecological system so called as the galapagos island in the orient is about 45 minutes by ferry from ishigaki island.