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Frequently asked questions about hotels

About accommodation and rooms

Is there a place to smoke?

the hotel is non-smoking including all the veranda passage, but smoking is allowed in the restaurant's smoking space.
please cooperate.

Is it possible to connect the Internet?

Wi-Fi connects in rooms and lobby.
We also have a computer (free) that can host the Internet in the lobby so please make use of it.

What is the radio wave condition of the mobile phone?

"Docomo" "au" "SoftBank" Hotel The inside of the hall and the surrounding area electric wave entry.

On-site facilities and facilities

About storage of valuable items

we will keep your valuables at the front desk.
we will keep responsibility, such as when participating in a nature experience program.

I'd like to send my luggage in advance ...

please fill in the "name of guest's guest, check in date" and send it to the hotel. your luggage will be held responsible.
※ because it becomes a detached island, it may take a long time to arrive at your luggage. please send with a grace of 2 ~ 3 days.

[to address]
〒 907-1431
taketomi town in yaeyama-gun, okinawa prefecture 243
jungle hotel pinumaya accommodation division iriomote island

Can I ship my luggage from the hotel?

luggage delivery is accepted with cod of yamato transport at hotel front.
shipment slip is available at the reception desk. we accept mail items as well.

Do you have a laundromat?

yes, we have. washing machine, dryer, together are 400 yen per time.
please use detergent (free) with no additives installed, in consideration of the environment.

About access · parking lot

On the means of transport within the island

as for means of transporting on the island, rental cars or route buses are the basis.
it is difficult to catch on the spot because the number of taxis is small.
regarding the bus route, confirmation of the time is necessary because the number is small.

Bus route timetable

Is there a shuttle from the port to the hotel?

iriomote island ohara port → hotel pinumaya (required time is approximately 30 minutes) there is a shuttle bus.
since time varies according to the season, please visit access column in this website please confirm.
* because it will be a reservation system, please make a reservation by the day before your stay when using. phone: 0980-85-5700

Is there a shuttle from the hotel to the port?

there is a shuttle bus from hotel pinumaya to ohara port as well.
time is the access column of this website please confirm.
we do not have the early morning flight departing from ishigaki airport so please be sure to check your time.

Is there a parking lot?

there is enough parking space (free) on the premises.
please also visit us for rent-a-car customers with peace of mind.

About bath / pool

Is there a bath?

the rooms are equipped with a bathtub.
the outdoor bath was closed due to exhaustion of the source.

Is there a pool?

There is an outdoor pool that guests can use only.
The business period is from April to the end of September.

About pets

Is it possible to stay with pets?

We apologize, but we do not accept pets. (Excluding guide dogs)

About surrounding information

Is there a convenience store nearby?

there are no convenience stores around the hotel, so please use the shops in the hotel.
we sell sweets and snacks etc at the hotel shop.

Is there a financial institution nearby?

There are no banks in the island, but there is a post office about 30 minutes by car (near Ohara Port).

Is there a beach nearby?

"takana beach" is a 5-minute walk from the hotel.
sunrise in the morning, the sunset sky is beautiful in the evening.


Frequently asked questions about nature experience program

I am concerned about the toilet in a day tour. What should I do?

the hotel owned 'yutsun base (tour facility)' is equipped with a toilet. you can use it immediately after the tour from the start of the tour.
the popular number one "jungle picnic" has a meal and restroom break on the way, and we have gained popularity from women's customers who participated.

What can you see on the night tour?

On the night tour, you will enjoy the atmosphere of the night of Iriomote Island.
Darkness of the night, brightness of the moon, starry sky full of sky ... the voices of living things resonating in the silence.
Depending on the season and weather conditions on that day, I will go peeking at the state of the animals working at night.
For details, please see Adventure park hp.

What kind of activities do you have?

in pinumaya, the hotel exclusive guide carries out a "nature experience program" which guides the great nature.
canoeing, trekking, climbing swamp, walking tideland, night tour etc.
by combining these, we are planning a tour where you can feel nature with your skin. please feel free to contact us.

Do you run a tour even if it rains?

basically, we will organize tours even if it rains.
※ however, precipitation amount · river water conditioning condition, kaminari · strong wind etc.
there are times when we cancel with judgment of guide according to forecast and local situation.

I'd like to take a day's tour on check-in day

please get off at ohara port 9:00 and get on to the hotel with a special shuttle bus to the hotel.
morning 8:00 or 8:10 if you board the boat for ishigaki port to ohara port, you can catch the shuttle bus.

I'd like to take a day tour on the checkout day

after joining the tour, it is possible to return to ishigakijima within that day.
16:00 (around) you can use the transfer from the hotel to ohara port or a bus line.
* please think that arriving at ishigaki island is basically around 17:30 to 18 o'clock.

Regarding the time zone of the tour, we can respond to your convenience in the form of charter tour (separate fee), so please feel free to contact us. 

Can I take a day trip from Ishigaki on a tour?

yes, i can.
15 hour - 15 after the end of the tour around the half time, it will be a flow back to ishigakijima. however, the time to arrive at ishigakijima island terminal will be around 17 to 17.
attention is required when boarding an airplane from ishigaki airport on that day.

I have not taken a canoe but is it okay?

most people who participate in the hotel's nature experience program are the people who ride a canoe for the first time.
since the exclusive guide will lecture carefully from the basics, even the first person can get on at once.

the most uneasy point is whether it is overturning or not, but
we are using a well-balanced canoe, so if you follow the instructions of the guide, we will not turn over first.

Of course, it is a process that can experience enjoyable canoeing well enough.

Nature experience program (outdoor tour) attire at attendance

please prepare it basically on the premise that it gets wet.
of course it is up to you to swim in the waterfalls and jump into the river, but if you use the
canoe, at least the knees are wet and rowed when getting on and off and surely the buttock will flood.
as for trekking, we walk and cross the river, so we will inundate under the knee (depending on the amount of water).

on warm days (summer season), we recommend that you wear a rash guard etc for swimsuits. (sunburn measures are necessary.)
those who are concerned about mosquitoes etc. recommend long sleeves and long pants even if it is warm.
in cold weather (winter), we recommend swimming suit to come down and even longer sleeves and long trousers.

For shoes, special shoes are borrowed for free.

For countermeasures against cold weather, there is wetsuit · inner suits etc. rental (charged), please use also there.