Nature experience program


You can feel the magnificence of nature that you can only experience here.

we have a lot of nature experience programs that can taste plenty of subtropical iriomote island.
i will show you the exclusive guides who love the nature of iriomote island and boast of the jungle hotel · pinumaya with abundant knowledge and vitality.
i will show you magnificent and variegated mangroves, jungles, waterfalls, rivers, and the vast ocean of iriomotejima happily.

conbo tour

Friendly tour to enjoy all

Jungle combo tour

Recommended for those who wish to play at will! !

Enjoy canoeing & trekking & canioning in Iriomote Island! !


Canoe main tour


Jungle Picnic

Popular No. 1 tour! Take the canoes through the mangroves and aim at the Mayaku falls by trekking.


Half Day Canoe & Trekking

Feel free to enjoy Iriomote Island! Half-day course of canoeing and trekking ♪ You can enjoy enough for beginners and experienced people!


Those who have difficulty participating in regular tours or those who take infants easily feel the nature of Iriomote ♪


For a limited time only! Early morning canoe tour

It is a luxurious tour that enjoys beautiful sunrise seen from canoe.


Trekking tour

Hidden mood full mark! Three steps waterfall course

I will clear the steep steep slope and aim for a spectacular view of Takigami. You can enjoy beautiful scenery on the way ♪

Okinawa prefecture largest! Pinaisala Falls course

we aim for takigami of 'hinaisara's falls' boasting the largest head in okinawa prefecture. the view from the falls 55 meters above the falls is refreshing! !

100 waterfalls in Japan! Waterfall of Maryduu Campylay

[For beginners] Because you are in a well-organized way, elderly customers can trek at ease.


Easy real trekking! To Maya Rock Falls!

Trekking on one way 1 hour. Contents enhancement such as trekking and waterfall playing while taking a half day short tour!

River climbing

Tour with water

A thrilling point! [Half day] Canyoning

Activities that swim in, jump in, be shed, play the fascination of Sawa! Relieved by wearing a life jacket ♪


A tour to enjoy Iriomotejima at night


Throb Night Tour

Let's get in the night world of Iriomote Island! The contents of the night tour will be carried out in conjunction with the weather etc.


For a limited time only! Yaeyama firefly appreciation tour

Yaeyama firefly showing fantastic luminescence & watching creatures of the night. The contents of the night tour will be carried out in conjunction with the weather etc.

Pineumaya recommended nature experience program!



Throb Night tour!

Exploring mangroves, walking around the beach, drive exploration

many things can be seen without entering the jungle ☆
experience the night of a remote island by using the beach and road park of iriomote island without street lights!
on a sunny day, why do not you look up at the beautiful starry sky and realize the darkness of the night and the brightness of the moon?

Tour outline


  • Schedule

    year-round work
    3 / 10 - 4 / 30 are "yaeyama firefly appreciation & night tour for a limited time"
    ※ night tour, 20: 00 for starting we do not accept basic transfer . please contact us for charter tours.

  • Tour time

    20:00 ~ (about 1 hour)
    we will depart the hotel at 20 o'clock. please gather in the hotel lobby 5-10 minutes ago.

  • Tour price

    one person 2,500 yen per person ( tax excluded)

  • About tour participation targets

    if less than 0 years old and older than 1 year old are included, correspondence on charter tour .
    * it is also available on private charter tour even if the difficult standing foot and stairs are included.

  • About clothes and belongings

    night tour is a process of traveling by car, walking around several points and walking a little. avoid clothing that exposes the skin as much as possible. because we can not participate in shoes with many exposures such as sandals, easy walking shoes please join us.
    please participate in bringing a face towel.
    * please prepare insect repellent spray and sunscreen cream as necessary.
    * since precision machines such as cameras may be damaged or wet, please bring them with your own risk.



Go through the mangrove to the outback of the jungle!

Taste the charms of the sea, mountain, river, waterfall and Iriomotejima in one day!

a subtropical jungle experience course centered on river "yutsun river" which condensed all of iriomote island.
i aim at "mayaku falls" by canoeing and trekking.
both beginners and experienced tours can fully satisfy ♪
iriomote island, which is said to be the galapagos of the east, there is another world there. by closely viewing the treasures of animals and plants that we can not normally see, you will realize the depth of nature's bosom and the strength of living things.

Tour outline


  • Schedule

    year-round work
    ※ tours will be held even in rainy weather. however, due to weather conditions and river conditions, tours may be canceled.

  • Tour time

    9: 30 to 15: around 00
    customers who will participate on the day of checkout must check out before the departure departure time (9: 30) and please gather in a form that you can go on a tour.

  • Tour price

    one person 12,000 yen per person ( tax excluded)
    with lunch (lunch box)

  • About tour participation targets

    participation from a normal enrolled child under the age of 76 to walk on a place with a bad footing i will assume it.
    if you include those who are under the age of 1 and older than 1 year old, .
    ※ if you have problems with respiratory system · those with heart disease please refrain from participating.
    * those who are drunk, those who are pregnant, those with poor physical condition, those with restricted active medical conditions, those who are tattoos and tattoos can not participate.

  • About clothes and belongings

    In the outdoor tour, we can enter the water until at least the knee height, both canoeing and trekking. When you ride a canoe, the parts of the butt will soak in the water. Also, sudden rain may be encountered, so please join us with a good clothes wet. (If there are also wings, it is still better)

    Please wear a swimsuit and wear a jumper · shirt · trousers easy to dry from the top according to the weather of the day (Please avoid items that are difficult to move if wet, such as jeans.) And adjust the temperature Is the best.

    ※ In the winter the wind is strong and may feel chilly. From 11 Moon to 3 Moon we recommend that you bring your outerwear (jackets for wings and trekking etc).